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  1. Sahara Las Vegas is opening again!

    Sahara Las Vegas is opening again!

    As first announced on the Sahara casino in Las Vegas is coming back! That's right, the SLS Resort is rebranding. The official name will be "Sahara Las Vegas" according to recent Twitter feeds.

    Now keep in mind that the original Sahara was demolished down to the concrete, which presents an interesting question: What part of a resort casino holds the "heart" of a memory? Can we say that these are the same hallowed halls where Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra roamed? What difference does it make if it's the same physical location if everything but the iron and concrete remain? What part of days gone by are retained, at what point is the "essence" lost from that era?

    Sure, it's the same geographic coordinates, but if there's no possibility of there being "dust in the carpet" from the Rat Pack days, is it still right to feel that sense of standing in the same room as they did some sixty years ago?

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  2. Is O'Sheas Casino still the same thing?

    Is O'Sheas Casino still the same thing?

    Similar to a previous blog post here at in which we asked whether the Sahara will be the same when the SLS Resort rebrands itself, is O'Sheas Casino "the same thing" today as it was prior to it closing in 2012?

    The original O'Sheas opened in 1988 as a somewhat rinky-dink casino between Flamingo and Imperial Palace. To me, that's what made the place quirky and fun, not the beer pong or the dismal Burger Kind/Dunkin Donuts food court. But now in its fancy new location in the Linq it just seems like a college-frat-themed money grab. Even the fact that they use the same playing cards as before doesn't tip it in for me.

    Your thoughts?

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